What Do Dietitians Eat? Part VII

October 12, 2017

Dietitians get asked, a lot, what we eat on a daily basis. You will probably find a lot of similarity in that most of us eat lots of fruits and veggies, but beyond that, it is pretty individual. We are also normal human beings and enjoy chocolate and cake as much as the next person!


Here is a snapshot of what I ate in a day.


Also, as a heads-up, in no way is this a reflection of what you should be eating. How people eat is highly individual and what works best for me might not be what works for you. It is so important to listen to your body!


6 a.m. – Pre-Workout Snack



Pre-workout snack for me is typically a banana with a slice of toast. Carbohydrates are what fuel your workouts, and this is what works best on my stomach early in the morning. I used to eat plain rice, which my friends thought was pretty weird, but I rolled with it till this made more sense for me. Also, this is lot easier to eat while driving to the gym. 


8:30 a.m. Breakfast 



I got a new blender this weekend which I am so excited about. Still dreaming of all the concoctions I can make with it…soups, crazy smoothies, desserts. This is normal right? This smoothie was Greek yogurt, chocolate chips (firm believer of chocolate in the morning), mixed berries, frozen banana, and a splash of milk. It was delicious. Not pictured: about 20 oz of coffee with milk. I must have coffee in the morning, always. 


12 p.m. Lunch 


I get hungry about every 3-4 hours and if I don’t eat, watch out! It is always a good idea for me to have lunch on hand and I usually make enough dinner from the night before to take as leftovers the next day for a quick, easy lunch. This was a peanut butter coconut noodle recipe with shrimp and lots of veggies. Delicious! 


4 p.m. Snack 


I should have eaten this snack more like 3:00pm, but I got side-tracked, so I was super hungry. Hence, forgot to take a picture of the cereal that was once in this bowl. Snack: pear, cottage cheese, and chocolate chex. I am on a chocolate chex roll right now. I felt better after this and could continue working productively. 


8 p.m. Dinner 



Dinner took forever to make this night, which I always dislike. But this soup was worth the wait. Dinner was white bean vegetable soup, with a side of (un-pictured) roasted chicken breast. This is one of my all time-favorite soup recipes from Minimalist Baker.  I had two bowls because I was so hungry.


9:30 p.m. Snack


Normally I am hungry again after dinner, but because we ate so late I wasn’t. But I always want chocolate, so I had a couple peanut butter M&Ms (un-pictured).


I hope you enjoyed seeing what normal eating looks like for me. Look out for other dietitian posts here and here for more inspiration!