Have Your Nachos & Eat Them Too

November 6, 2017

Its National Nacho day. Now I’m not one for smothering celebrations by forcing “diet rules” on them.  BUT just in case you’re looking for a healthy-ish plate of nachos, read on. Thoughtfully putting together your plate doesn’t have to be sad.


Be revolutionary: Rethink the “majors” and “minors”

Switching up the proportions of ingredients is a great way to lighten up nachos.  Nachos quickly become a nutrition bomb with too many chips and a sea of cheese (nacho cheez, no less). It doesn’t have to be this way!

Make chips more of a minor character on the plate by starting with a light layer of tortilla chips (remember, 11 chips is a serving size for most tortilla chips).
Cheese is what makes nachos so tantalizing, but reconsider how much you need.  A serving is about ¼ cup shredded. Think about what cheese will make you happiest—maybe cheddar and a sprinkle of cojita or feta. Use other ingredients to provide creaminess.
Then load up on (major in) the more nutritious stuff like beans, salsa, avocados, and other veggies.


Go big on flavor

Boost flavor with bold veggies and condiments like olives, hot peppers, and salsa. 


Grab the creamy

Ramp up the creaminess with avocados or guacamole and dollops of plain yogurt.


Add some color

More color equals more nutrients, so make sure you have them all. Red peppers, purple cabbage, green onions, radish slices, yellow banana peppers, you get the idea.


Add some lean protein

Be generous with beans, and consider shredded chicken or even baked tofu if you’re really feeling adventurous.