Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

December 7, 2017
| Created by Genevieve Daly, RDN, CD

Did you know that on average, Americans gain one to two pounds during the holiday season? That may not seem substantial, but research shows that weight sticks around and accumulates over the years. With the many holiday parties, food gifts from friends and family, and large dinners, it’s easy to go overboard on calories during the holiday season. Now don’t get me wrong, indulgence at family meals and holiday parties is part of the fun, but there are some areas where we can cut back a bit.

Your #HealthyHarmons Gift Guide

Gift giving is one of the best parts of the holiday season, but often times we find ourselves gifting unhealthy treats to our friends and families. It can be easy to gift baked goods and candies, but those calories can really add up. Beyond that, many of us have friends and family struggling with chronic health conditions or just trying to stay healthy in general. This holiday season, try some of these healthy (and creative) holiday gift ideas for your loved ones.

Spiced apple chips and Spiced nuts. Gift this in place of cookies for a fruit and protein heavy snack.
Chai tea mix in a jar. Gifting this in place of hot chocolate mix can save as much as 20 grams of sugar!
Harmons Date and Walnut Cake. Found on the cheese island, this Dietitians Choice dessert uses dates to sweeten the cake rather than sugar. Gift this to the dessert lovers in your life.
Make your own nut butter. If you own a blender or food processor, you can do this. Add a little cocoa powder, maple syrup, or make your own spice blend to give your nut butter its own unique taste.
Dried soup in a jar. It’s colorful, nutritious, and will warm up your friends and family this winter.
Infused olive oils. So easy to make, and easy to tailor to different taste buds. Read up on some helpful oil infusing tips here.
Pomegranates with pomegranate seeders. A much easier method to access those ruby red jewels.

Remember, gifts don’t always have to be food! Think outside the box and gift your friends and family non-food items. Not only do these save on some major calories, they also last much longer than a plate of cookies. Some non-food gift ideas can include:

Spa pampering kit in a jar
Homemade massage oil or bath bombs

 At the Office

The office can be another tempting part of our holiday season where we over indulge. Stick to these two tips to ensure you’re staying healthy with your coworkers.

Keep treats out of sight. Between candy canes, chocolate Santas, and gingerbread cookies, grazing on treats throughout the day can really add up in calories and sugars.
It’s OK to say no. Coworkers will inevitably have delicious treats they want to share with you. Truth is, you don’t HAVE to try everything they make. You can always say no, just please remember to do so politely.