Happy New Year! Resolution Tips

December 29, 2017
| Created by Harmons Dietitian

Do you have a goal to keep your resolution this year? Instead of overcommitting, pick something that you can work on for an hour a week.

Think about that! There are 168 hours in each week. Committing one hour to your resolutions sounds easy now, right? Here are some ideas from your Harmons Dietitians:


Food: Spend an hour making healthy snacks for the week.

Nutrition: Shop with your dietitian to learn about delicious alternatives to include in your diet. 

Soda: Make a batch of infused water or iced tea for sugar-free hydration during the week.

Exercise: Sign up for a new weekly exercise class or activity, or take four 15-minute walks.

Learn something new: Try a new hobby or skill and work on it for an hour every week.

Personal relationships: Commit to a weekly date with your significant other or a friend.

Money: Track your spending each week. Make it easy with a free online service like www.mint.com.

Mental health: Practice meditation and mindfulness for 10 minutes a day. Learn how with a free app like Headspace.

Personal growth: Spend an hour reading about a topic you are interested in.

Volunteer: Call an organization that needs volunteer help. Commit to helping out regularly.