Harmons Dietitians: Your Healthy Food Experts

January 16, 2018
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Our dietitians are your healthy food experts and are always looking for fun new ways to share tips and tricks to help you fill your cart with the best foods for your body!

New Year’s resolutions are made easy with our registered dietitians. They’re available at every Harmons location to break down the science of nutrition and promote living a healthy lifestyle. Working in stores, our dietitians offer everything from shopping with you and creating recipes to providing nutritional analysis, building menus to serve any dietary need, and meeting with you one-on-one.

Using the most up to date information, our dietitians created the criteria used to determine which foods are the healthiest and stamped them with their seal of approval to endorse healthy products. In doing this, they’re working to help you understand the nutritional differences of food and how they may affect your body.

To keep up with your resolutions, shop products with the Dietitian’s Choice label or meet with your Harmons dietitian today!