Things to Know About Kombucha

February 21, 2018

At Harmons, our shelves are busting with kombucha. Here are some things to know.


Kombucha is a fermented tea. It contains trace amounts of alcohol and a little caffeine.
Kombucha is low in sugar. During the fermentation process, bacteria and yeast eat most of the sugar.
Kombucha is not a miracle drink. It may contain healthful bacteria (probiotics), but that doesn’t mean it will cure your specific ailment. It is not necessarily better than yogurt.
Not all kombuchas are created equal. Some are very tart, some sweet; some fizzy, some not. Try more than one flavor and brand to find your favorite.
Kombucha is a great alternative to soda. It’s low in sugar and carbonated—give it a try!
Kombucha is on tap. Want to go green? Try a refillable growler of kombucha!