It Starts in the Cart

February 26, 2018

When healthy eating comes up, the conversation often starts with what’s on your plate, and more specifically, how many fruits and vegetables are on that plate. Did you know only 25 percent of Americans eat the recommended 2 cups of fruits a day and just 13 percent eat the recommended 2 ½ cups of vegetables a day? Knowing this fact, an obvious place for most of us to start is to add fruits and vegetables to our plate. But let’s not forget, in order to fill our plates we need to fill our pantries, and in order to fill our pantries, we need to fill our carts.

Not surprisingly, research shows that how you fill your cart affects what you bring home to your kitchen. In one study, researchers placed a yellow line of tape down the center of grocery carts and marked one side for fruits and vegetables. The outcome? People bought more produce! What is more, when researchers increased the size of the fruit and vegetable section, shoppers bought even more! This yellow line served as a little reminder or “nudge” to hit the produce department.

Chances are your grocery store doesn’t provide partitioned carts, but you can give yourself your own nudge. Remember that in order to make your plate half fruits and vegetables, your cart needs to look the same. Next time you hit the aisles of Harmons, place your coat or bag in the middle of your cart, knowing one side should be filled with produce by the time you hit the checkout.

Harmons makes getting your fruits and vegetables easy in a number of ways. Check these out:

Pre-cut vegetables in steamable bags
Already peeled and minced garlic or onions
Hummus made from scratch
Fresh salad bar with over 75 items
Spiralized zucchini, beets, and winter squash
Vegetable and fruit trays
Associates ready to cut any piece of produce in half so you can prevent overbuying
Chef-prepared salads from our Kitchen
Fresh-made butternut squash soup
Frozen cauliflower, sweet potato, and broccoli “rice”

Happy shopping!

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