Fill Your Brackets with Food

March 12, 2018
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The beginning of March means college basketball and game day parties!

Worry about making the perfect bracket, not the perfect BBQ sauce. We’ll take care of any or all of your game day needs. Supplement your recipes with Harmons salsa and guacamole tray, some 7-layer dip, or fresh fruit trays.

Do you have your party prepped, but you don’t know what to make for your game day? Try some of these recipes to ensure your guests will be eating like champions.

Buffalo Wings: Give homemade buffalo wings a shot with this delicious recipe for a traditional sports food with a fiery twist.

Harmons Bratwurst: With 18 flavors of bratwurst and fresh, soft brat buns there’ll be something for everyone at your party.

Mini Pizzas: Celebrate the little victories throughout the game with little pizzas topped with all of your and your guests’ favorite things.

Celebrate a win or just the success of your party with an assortment of decadent desserts or stick with a long-time party classic—M&M cookies.

So, go. Bite. Win your NCAA basketball tournament parties with an assist from Harmons!