You Know the Difference, So We Make it Fresh

March 31, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered why food from Harmons just seems to taste better than anywhere else, we’ll let you in on a secret: It’s because it’s fresh.

Freshness is one thing Harmons refuses to sacrifice. That is why we insist on making our products in store. We use real ingredients, made by real people. While other grocers have a majority of their “fresh” products prepared elsewhere and shipped in, we make everything on site so that we can have ultimate freshness and uncompromised quality.

Here are just a few ways that we are different in each of our fresh departments:


Each of our Kitchen sides, salads, and entrées are made from scratch by a Harmons chef. Not only do we make everything in store, but we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Our baked salmon is always made with Verlasso sustainably-farmed, Atlantic salmon. Our spinach and artichoke dip is made with fresh spinach. Our chicken noodle soup is made from scratch with hand-made noodles. Each product has its own story to tell, but one thing is consistent—we don’t settle for anything less than the best.


Starting at 4 A.M. every day, our trained artisan bakers begin creating true masterpieces. They use ingredients like local flour, butter, and salt to make all of the artisan bread, cookies and pastries from scratch. Our sourdough is even made with a starter that is over a decade old, which originated from the San Francisco Baking Institute.


When we have an entire island dedicated to cheese, you know we take it seriously. Our cheese mongers hand-stretch their own mozzarella at each store. It can’t possibly get any fresher than that. And if you haven’t bought our parmesan cheese crisps yet, they are a must-try! They’re a great addition to tomato-basil soup, salads, or even just as a snack. These will become a regular addition to your weekly shopping list.


After two years of recipe development and testing, our signature salsa and guacamole are nothing short of perfection. Using the freshest ingredients off the shelf, our produce sous chefs create these culinary masterpieces daily, along with other delicious favorites such as hummus, spiralized noodles, fruit and veggie trays, and cauliflower rice, just to name a few.


Where others might compromise on quality, we go the extra mile. Using only USDA prime and choice grades, our beef is ground once, and sometimes even twice, per day. Our sausages and bratwursts use no fillers, preservatives or MSG and are also ground fresh daily. Try one of our 18 different flavors of bratwursts on your next visit.

Make sure you drop by our fresh departments next time you visit your local Harmons. If you would like to sample any of the products mentioned above, speak with any Harmons associate and they would be more than happy to let you try it!