Hot and Healthy at Harmons

June 22, 2018
| Created by Melanie Taylor, MS, RDN, CD

Hello, summer! It’s definitely hot outside, but this post is dedicated to what’s hot and healthy inside our stores! Harmons dietitians are always trying new things and we want to share our favorites with you! Read on for a few of our top picks of what we’ve been loving lately.

Eat Smart Broccoli Slaw: Looking for a quick, healthy meal? Sauté a bag of broccoli slaw in a skillet with cooked chicken and peanut sauce for a hot minute for a quick, delicious dinner. Or throw it in a bowl with sliced almonds, chopped apples, and a light drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a satisfyingly crunchy salad.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Blasted Shreds: This hefty box of cereal is packed with whole grain goodness and indulgent chocolate peanut butter flavor. Whether as a dessert, or a better substitute for sugar-laden cereals, Chocolate Peanut Butter Blasted Shreds should definitely be in your cart.

Spindrift Sparkling Water: Sparkling water is a fun way to have the bubbles of soda without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Spindrift comes in several refreshing flavors, including cucumber which is Dietitians Choice! Bonus: sparkling water is just as hydrating as plain water.

Harmons Chocolate Almond Butter: A sweet, savory, healthy chocolate nut butter! Drizzle it over whole wheat crepes, use it as a dip for your favorite berries, or throw it in smoothies for a boost of protein. With only 3 grams of sugar, it's an obvious pantry staple.

Laziz Garlic Toum: Love garlic but hate chopping it? Pick up a jar of garlic toum by Salt Lake company Laziz. It's whipped with lemon so it blends smooth and creamy into sauces and adds a garlic punch without any work!

Almond Breeze Original Almond Coconut Blend: Perfect liquid for chia putting! Mix 3 tablespoons chia seed and 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract (or better yet, vanilla bean paste) with a scant cup of this milk alternative in a mason jar and screw the lid on tight. Shake to mix well, and occasionally shake for about 10 minutes and then chill for 4 hours and enjoy!