5 Ways to Celebrate July Fourth

June 26, 2018
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Independence Day is such a fun holiday because there are so many ways to celebrate it! Create new traditions or add something more to your Independence Day parties with the five ideas below.

Make red, white, and blue desserts! Get your guests feeling patriotic with red, white, and blue trifles or a red, white, and blueberry sour cream tart. These festive, sweet treats are light desserts, perfect for beating the summer heat.
Take the traditional route and barbecue before lighting fireworks. Barbecue family favorites or find new ways to top your burgers and brats! Our spicy blackberry burger is a sweet and savory take on the traditional burger, while the it’s so gouda burger lives up to its name. For delicious new ways to top your brats, try our Hawaiian dog or take inspiration from your favorite soup in the French onion soup dog.
Celebrate with red, white, and blue drinks! Savor summer flavors with red, white, and blue drinks. Get creative with cocktails or mocktails by adding fruit juices or berries to make festive drinks like non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris, blueberry lemonade, or pina coladas!
Bring a picnic to a local parade. Celebrate the 4th of July by taking your favorite foods with you while you watch your local parade! Pack a picnic of sandwiches, salads, or wraps with savory side dishes or sweet treats!
Take a road trip to a national park with your favorite snacks. Stock up on granola, banana chips, Harmons gummies and more before you leave to visit one of Utah’s many national parks! Stay for a picnic or a hike and celebrate Independence Day in nature.