5 Camping Desserts that aren’t S’mores

August 14, 2018
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Camping is one of our favorite summer activities! From hot dogs and brats to tinfoil dinners, there isn't anything we don't love about cooking in the great outdoors. While savory feasts may be easy to plan for your time away, most of us fall back on the s'more for dessert—for something new, try these five desserts!

Grilled fruit: Sweet and simple are the best when it comes to campfire desserts. One of our favorite things to grill is fruit, because it's so easy! Summer is the perfect time to find the best tasting stone fruit since so many of them are at their peak of season. Savor the rich flavor of Utah peaches charred slightly over the coals or try plums, nectarines, and more for great grilling. Slice open your favorite fruit and lay it over the coals for a few minutes or until it softens, then season it with cinnamon, honey, or your favorite sweet spice.

Campfire cones: This delicious dessert has us convinced ice cream isn't necessary! Campfire cones combine the best part of eating ice cream (the cone!) with sweet berries and white chocolate for a burst of your new favorite campfire flavors in the quickest and easiest way for both eating and baking over a fire.

Campfire Banana Boats: Bananas are already a tasty snack which means it's not hard to make them a decadent dessert. Add a little chocolate, some nuts, marshmallows, or personalize them with your favorite sweets to make this dessert a delicious family activity.

Cookies: Everybody loves cookies! For the quickest and easiest dessert, pick up snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, or any of our delicious, made-from-scratch cookies or bake your favorite flavor at home and pack them up for your trip. No campfire necessary!

Coconut Cherry Mango Crumble: Harder than campfire cones or s'mores, Dutch oven cooking and baking is definitely a campfire tradition. For those who find they have a little more free time around the fire, get involved in baking a sweet crumble full of coconut, cherries, and mango.

Celebrate the sweet side of summer this year with any of these desserts!