Fall in Love with Apples

October 8, 2018
| Created by Hannah Langley, MS, RDN, CD

When I think of apples, my brain goes straight to fall. Cool air, crunchy leaves, crisp fruit, cinnamony goodness… Apples are available year round, but now is a great time to “fall” for them. They are in-season locally which means they taste best and are at their nutritional peak. You can find Utah apples at Harmons, your local farmer’s market, or you can pick them yourself for a fun outdoor activity.

It should come as no surprise that apples are a nutrition powerhouse! There is a reason the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has stuck around so long. Be sure to eat the skin, this is where a good portion of an apple’s health benefits hide. Apples offer vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals, all conveniently wrapped in an edible package. These nutrients may aid in digestive health, may help to reduce blood cholesterol, and may reduce the risk for cancer and heart disease.

Not only delicious and nourishing, apples are versatile. They are the perfect on-the-go snack eaten raw, alone or paired with cheese or almond butter. Stop by Harmons Kitchen to try them in our refreshing jicama slaw. Or try them cooked! They are luscious when baked. You can bake them by themselves or into a delicious treat. Finally, they are wonderful cooked down into applesauce, apple cider, or apple butter. Sounding good? Here are some favorite apple recipes you can try at home:

Gingerbread Apple Muffins are a flavorful choice. They are whole-grain and so would be a healthy-ish treat or breakfast.
Explore apple’s savory side with this Roasted Apple Soup by Chef Evan. A delicious soup that takes just one hour, you could have it for dinner tonight!
Everyday Apple Cake has a delicate apple flavor and is mostly apple, with a small amount of whole-grain batter. It’s healthy enough you can eat it every day!
Keep it light and fresh with this Kohlrabi and Apple Salad by Chef Lesli. Kohlrabi can be hard to find in the fall (more often we see it during the winter months) so you can substitute purple or green cabbage, or even broccoli stems.
Enjoy apples for breakfast with this simple overnight oats recipe.
Mulled cider is the perfect way to celebrate fall! Several of Harmons apple juices are on sale through October. Use them in this simple recipe for a warming, spiced fall treat.