Eat Real: Celebrate National Food Day

October 22, 2018

Oct. 24 is National Food Day — a celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainable foods. The goal of this national celebration is to promote eating real foods that are good for you.

Here are some tips for how to eat real:

1) Cook your own food: This may seem the most obvious, but cooking from scratch is the easiest (and most affordable) way to eat real. To get into the habit of cooking, try:

Making a meal plan for the week that includes leftovers, either for lunch or dinner
Making a realistic shopping plan. This means not buying too many fresh items that they will have to be tossed in the garbage. Remember, you can always visit the grocery store at a different day of the week if you need to grab some extra items!
Include variety. Cook with vegetables and fruits from different colors of the rainbow. Try different methods of cooking, too, such as roasting, sauteing, or stir-frys.

2) Make snacks real: Try a fresh fruit with nut butter or plain yogurt. Try a fresh vegetable with hummus or cheese.

3) No time? Forgot your lunch? Travelling? Skip the restaurants and come to Harmons for a variety of healthy, real meals from the salad and soup bars, our Kitchen.