How to Make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Harmons Floral

November 16, 2018
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1 Floral Foam Block

5 Red Roses

5 Orange Dahlias

5 Stems Scabiosa 

3 Stems Sunflowers

1 Stem Agonis

2 Stems Grevillea

7 Stems Wheat

2 Stems Thistle

1 Stem Tinted Seeded Eucalyptus

5 Stems Broom Corn

3 Stems Yarrow

2 Stems Solid Aster 

2 Small Decorative Gourds

2 Larger Decorative Gourds


The turkey is roasting, the candles are lit, dishes are placed, and family is on the way.

As a final touch to the warmth and ambiance of your holiday, make a Harvest Table Scape to complete any holiday setting. An array of greenery—agonis, broomcorn, thistle, and gravelia—add texture and depth to decorative gourds, red roses, sunflowers, yarrow, dahlias, and aster.

First, clean out the gourds. For the best results, soak your floral foam (do not push foam down in water) and use plastic liners to prevent bacteria growth and prolong the life of the gourd. Begin with greenery to create the shape of your arrangement and hide the floral foam. Add focal flowers (larger blooms) and continue adding as desired. Complete the arrangement with smaller filler flowers and a bow or wheat.

Here's your chance to really wow your guests, place the larger pieces in the center of the table and accent with extra greenery and gourds.

Step back and take in the beauty of the holiday you've created.