Get outside and Move!

December 3, 2018

Believe it or not, the chilly winter is a great time to exercise outdoors, and with a few safety tips, can give our mind and body a much-needed boost! Even a 15-minute walk can make a difference. 

Benefits of exercising outdoors in the winter:

Daily exercise helps us maintain a healthy mood and energy level.
Exercise of any type boosts our metabolism, helping to burn extra calories.
The view here in the Salt Lake valley is unparalleled.
Winter exercise helps to break up the monotony of extended darkness.

Remember to follow these safety tips:

Layer up with necessary gear, including a warm scarf, hat or headband, gloves and warm socks.
Dress dry, not just warm: Choose fabrics that will wick the moisture away from your body such as polyester, nylon and/or polypropylene.
Wear tight clothes such as compression tights to help increase circulation, resist fatigue and aid in muscle coordination while helping to insulate and keep the body warm.
Dress brightly to remain in view of others as well as cars on the road.
Stay hydrated inside and out — taking in three- to four-ounce sips at a time during exercise, and protecting the skin — lotion up and apply moisturizing sunscreen as needed for bright winter days.
Avoid icy spots on sidewalks and roads — walk in soft snow if needed.
Warm up and cool down, and get out of those wet clothes as soon as you come in from the cold.

So, how about it? Bundle up, grab your shoe covers, gaiters, snowshoes or cross-country skis and get outdoors.