Meals Amid Holiday Madness

December 13, 2018

Are you feeling the crazy yet? Shopping, baking, decorating, Christmas tree cutting, traveling, wrapping, caroling, and the list goes on. Somewhere between all this fun, we need to take care of ourselves by doing things like, well, eat. Here’s a guide to how to fit in real meals (what?!) during the next several weeks of festivities.

1)  Think in Food Groups

You always want a couple representatives from each group in the house — protein, fruits, and vegetables, grains, and maybe some dairy. Dairy can be a lifesaver since it is a sweet combination of carbs (for energy) and protein (for everything else). Keep a mental (or paper) note of your stock. If you’re running low on, say, fruit, put it on the grocery list for next time you find yourself in a grocery store picking up the ever-important sprinkles or that last minute vegetable tray.

2) Think in Flavors

If you have all the food groups represented in your kitchen, you can make a meal. However, even with a full fridge, this can seem hard. Having some flavor combos in the back of your head can help you find a meal solution. Soy sauce and five spice: You have a stir fry. Cumin and red pepper: You have fajitas. Buying Dietitians Choice premade sauces can make this process even easier: Try tikka masala simmer sauce, salad dressing, or Harmons marinara sauce.

3) Prepare Whenever You Have a Split Second

Baking cookies? Put some brown rice on the stove and steam some green beans while you’re at it. Chopping veggies to bring to a party? Chop a little extra to roast for the week.

4) Think Outside the Box

A real meal doesn’t have to be traditional or hot. It can be toast with peanut butter, orange slices, and a green salad. Or rice and leftover veggies topped with an egg. It can be oatmeal topped with chia seeds. These are all better than a dinner of Christmas fudge. You’ll thank yourself later.

5) Use Prepped Food

Exhibit One: Harmons fresh departments. Check out our wall of pre-cut veggies and fruits in the produce section. Did you know we have diced potatoes? Spiralized beets? Chopped onion? Our meat and seafood department has ready-to-cook fajita mix and steamed shrimp. Think of the salad bar as your personal sous chef. And don’t forget, you can always pick up our daily chef-prepared from scratch Dinner To-Go special from the Kitchen.

You can do this!