Potatoes: The Hottest New Sports Food

December 20, 2018
| Created by Sarah Kiel, RDN, CD

It’s a new year and maybe you’re training for a big bike ride or run, or just planning a hike or ski day with friends. You’ve purchased the appropriate sports bars, goos, gels, powders, and chews, but now you’re looking for something savory, something nourishing, and something cheap. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the humble potato.

For exercise lasting more than one hour, we need to focus on three things: carbohydrates, electrolytes, and fluids. Potatoes offer two of these three.

It’s easy. Just boil fingerling potatoes until a fork pierces the skin without too much resistance. Toss potatoes in a small amount of olive oil, just enough to lightly coat, and add kosher salt. I like to use about half teaspoon of salt for a one and a half pound bag of fingerling potatoes.

Here are the stats:





3 potatoes (from recipe above)

30 g

240 mg

700 mg

20 oz sports beverage

36 g

270 mg

75 mg


While it may not be appropriate to replace all your sports foods with potatoes, it’s certainly something to consider next time you’re grocery shopping!