Time to Organize Your Kitchen for Health

January 3, 2019

Here are a few simple tips to reorganize your kitchen to put tasty, nutritious foods front and center.

1. Thin out your cabinets and refrigerator.

Remove all the expired foods and highly processed or high-sugar snacks and treats.
Donate unopened, unexpired items to a nearby food bank or homeless shelter.

2. Relocate the tempting, high-sugar or high-calorie foods you just can't live without.

Place them out of sight or out of reach so they're harder to access and out of your mind most of the time.

3. Make room for nutritious go-to snacks and staples. For easy snacks besides the obvious fruit bowl centerpiece:

Keep cut-up fruits and veggies, lower-fat cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, salsa, and other healthy snacks in an easy to see or easy to reach level in the refrigerator.
Place wholesome snacks and staples at eye level in your pantry. These are foods like: peanut and other nut butters that don't need to be refrigerated, whole grain crackers, nuts, plain popcorn, whole food snack bars (such as RX bars), and crunchy bean snacks (such as roasted edamame or roasted chickpeas).