Harmons Spring Cleaning Hacks

March 19, 2019
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Spring is officially here! Welcome the season by bringing a breath of fresh air to your home–inside and out! Keep reading to find some of the best tips and hacks to clean the fog of winter away below!

Task Cleaning:

One of our favorite cleaning hacks for spring-cleaners is called task-cleaning! Instead of cleaning every room from top to bottom right away, clean by chore. Start with simple things, like putting things back in their places or wiping down surfaces, and do those chores in every room of the house. Then move onto harder things, and you’ll find yourself cleaning more efficiently!

The harder things can be less fun to clean, but these hacks for everything from burnt-on food and scratches on dishes to clearing up stains on concrete make clearing up the worst messes even easier.

Burnt-On Foods:

Pots and pans can take a beating, but burnt-on foods are one of the worst. To scrub them out without a hassle, try soaking a non-toxic dryer sheet in the pot or pan with some water. Follow the soak with a good scrub and your cookware is good as new! This also works with tough stains on your stove top.

If soaking dryer sheets doesn’t work for you, try a little Bar Keepers Friend. This amazing cleaner was made to clean up messes just like this and many more! Put a little Bar Keepers Friend on a wet washcloth, gently scrub, and let the cleaner work.

Scratched Dishes:

We also love Bar Keepers Friend for making scratched dishes look brand new again! Get the dish a little wet, sprinkle some Bar Keepers Friend on, and gently rub the powder across the scratched areas! Follow this with a quick wash, and you’re set. Worried about discoloration? Do a quick test on the back of a plate to make sure there isn’t any unwanted fading.

Magic Erasers:

Or fall back on a long-time favorite: the magic eraser! Magic erasers are great for cleaning almost everything–except stainless steel and some marble or granite countertops; if you’re not sure, find a spot to spot test that isn’t too noticeable.

Drano for Driveway Stains:

Noticeable splotches or stains on your concrete patio or driveway? Pouring a little Drano on the greasy stain will clear it right away!

Try new helpful tips with Harmons this season or fall back on the family favorites found in our spring cleaning collection!