Recipes for a Very Vegan Easter

April 3, 2019
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Spring is the perfect time for gathering outside to celebrate with family and friends, and there's no better day to be together than Easter! This year savor a vegan Easter with a few new recipes from our collaboration with Field Roast.

This Easter, don't worry about ham or lamb for your meal's main event. Instead put Field Roast's marinated celebration roast center stage. Complement the sage, garlic, and lemon flavor of the meat and the sausage-style stuffing inside with sweet roasted onions. Serve this with tasty traditional sides, like steamed veggies, or grill green this spring! Veg steaks with avocado-tomatillo sauce are great as a crisp, crunchy side—or even entrée.

Add an earthy element to your guests' plates with cheesy sausage stuffed mushrooms. Porcini mushrooms topped with Chao cheese and apple sage sausage make a great contrast to a bright quinoa-lentil salad with mustard vinaigrette. After serving savory spring flavors, something sweet can't be beat. Combine refreshing apples and creamy cheese with a little bit of whimsy to make a star-studded apple Chao cheese tart or two because your friends and family will definitely come back for more.

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