Live Healthy with Harmons

May 17, 2019
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Living healthy just got a little easier with Harmons point-of-care screening. Now our friendly pharmacists are certified to offer on-the-spot screenings and treatments for some common medical conditions!

If you're feeling under the weather and are worried it might be strep throat, don't know what to do about a pesky and persistent cold sore, or need help with something a little more? Stop by our pharmacy! New point-of-care screening means every Harmons pharmacist is trained to diagnose and prescribe medications for:

strep throat
cold sores
urinary tract infections
self-administered contraceptives
yeast infections

The best part? From paperwork to filled prescriptions, the entire process takes about 30 minutes. Helpful Harmons pharmacists are providing the same great care you're used to from your doctor without the wait or cost!

Diagnosing cold sores, UTI's, and yeast infections only cost $19.99 plus the prescription, and getting tested for strep throat or a prescription for self-administered contraceptives are only $39.99 plus the cost of your prescription, with no hidden charges or fees.

So, this year get back to being your best with help from Harmons pharmacy!