Berry Mania is Here!

May 30, 2019
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This blog was written by Harmons Dietitian Intern Emily Barrett.


This week Harmons has fantastic deals on fresh berries. The time to eat them is now!

Besides being delicious, berries provide a host of other health benefits, including:

Fiber! Good for your gut, fiber helps feed the healthy gut microbiota which help keep your body (and intestinal tract!) working properly. Increased fiber intake is associated with decreased risk of heart disease. Fiber also helps you stay full longer, which can aid in weight management.

Antioxidants! Berries are loaded with antioxidants, which are important molecules that protect our cells from damage and help fight inflammation.

Vitamins! Berries are especially rich in Vitamin C, a vitamin important in fighting inflammation and keeping tendons, ligaments, and other tissues strong.

Enjoy berries in many forms–fresh, frozen, and freeze dried. Berries make a snack sensational, a salad amazing, and are a great topping for oatmeal or yogurt. They are also a naturally sweet addition to smoothies.

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