Meet Heather, Harmons Newest Dietitian

June 21, 2019
| Created by Heather Lieber, MS, RDN, CD

Hello! I'm Heather; lover of savory sauces, crisp vegetables, and food puns. Yes, I would consider myself a foodie and yes, I ask others way too many questions about food I see them eating. Although my love of food runs deep, I am also intrigued by the relationship between food and our bodies. The fact that a delectable and artistically crafted dish can be consumed, simplified down to single molecules, and utilized to sustain life is completely fascinating. Food invites excitement, satisfaction, and joy into every day. I find it fulfilling to help others find joy in food, and in health.

The grocery store is a perfect setting to have a Registered Dietitian. Here are five reasons why you should stop in and see us:

Location. Everyone needs groceries. You already need a gallon of milk, so why not swing by the dietitian's office, too? No extra trip needed.
Real life food. We have extensive knowledge of specific food products. Instead of recommending only numbers such as "Eat 50 grams of protein", we can walk the aisles of the store and show you real, tangible food on the shelf that fits your needs. 
Shop with us for free. We offer free shopping assistance and tours in the store. These can be catered to specific health topics; check out our upcoming tours here.
Specialties. Did you know one of our dietitians recently graduated from the Olympic Committee's sports nutrition program? We all have different specialties. No matter how unique your problem is, we can help you or refer you to someone who can.
Above and beyond. We will exceed normal expectations for customer care. Because, like the rest of our departments…we're not normal, we're Harmons.

I will be serving our Station Park, Bangerter Crossing, Roy, and Draper locations. I can't wait to meet and work with you.  

Lettuce enter this nutrition journey together, because the impact food can have on our health is a big dill. Its effects can't be beet.