Celebrate Local with Harmons

August 8, 2019
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From Shaffer Farms green beans to The Chocolate Conspiracy’s honey-based sweets, we believe fresh is best — and the freshest products come from Utah companies! But quality and freshness are just the beginning when it comes to why we like to shop and celebrate local.

Of course, it’s easy to love local when Utah is home to so many amazing companies! We’ve committed to having more of the best products from all over the state on our shelves than anyone else, and that's just the first step. Harmons loves to build relationships and small businesses, which is why we work closely with all of our vendors and choose three of them to win $5,000 in grants!

This year, we’re excited to celebrate these products with our Local Grant Winners: The Chocolate Conspiracy, Mamachari Kombucha, and Shaffer Farms!

With his knowledge in health and wellness and inspired by his mother, The Chocolate Conspiracy’s founder, AJ Wentworth, realized and filled the gap in healthy eating — dessert! The Chocolate Conspiracy only uses unroasted beans and raw unfiltered honey to create chocolate bars that unlock the nutritious potential of certified-organic cacao in its natural state. Though it took 10 years, their delicious chocolate is now the only chocolate in the U.S. to use raw unfiltered honey as a sweetener; helping them become an innovative company determined to retain, exemplify, and celebrate the nutritional side of our favorite sweet.

Having a name that literally means “mother tea,” there’s no company better for cultivating creativity. Mamachari’s co-owner Lorrie Vorkink uses kombuchas to express her creativity. With a background in the wine industry, making kombucha is a great way for Lorrie to explore a world of new flavors, acidities, and pairings to create the sensational core and seasonal flavors Mamachari is known for. Helped by co-owner Ben Phillips, Mamachari uses all organic or natural ingredients to show local-lovers just how diverse — and healthy! — the world of kombucha is.

Farmers make some of the best environmentalists, and Shaffer Farms owner Brent Shaffer proves it! The Shaffer family is always thinking of ways to improve their impact on the environment without compromising the quality of their produce; and drip irrigation is just the latest in a long line of the techniques they use to grow greener crops. This awareness and all of  their hard work is what provides all 19 Harmons stores with fresh, crisp green beans while saving water and helping the environment!

For amazing local products from The Chocolate Conspiracy, Mamachari Kombucha, Shaffer Farms, and more shop our collection, look for our “Local to Utah” shelf tags, or stop by September 3-16 as we celebrate local!