How to Make Halloween Floral Arrangements

October 21, 2019

Spook your guests  with a simple, elegant, yet scary table décor.

All you need are a few pumpkins (plastic, ceramic, or real), a wooded sphere, black spray paint to get the spooky look, a few candle stands, hot glue, floral foam, and flowers.

I used carnations, scabbiosa, agonis, roses, hanging amaranthus, and  seeded eucalyptus.

Spray your pumpkins and sphere with the black spray paint and secure these to the candle stands with hot glue.

Soak your floral foam and cut to fit containers.

Start with your greenery to create the shape you desire. Add your carnations and scabbiosa to one of the containers, creating a rounded look.

In the next pumpkin, use the roses and scabbiosa and create a rounded look with those flowers, and on the sphere use hanging amaranthus to create a spooky, dreadful feel.