Meet Megan, Harmons newest Dietitian

October 21, 2019
| Created by Megan GuynnMegan Guynn

Hello! I am so excited to be joining the wonderful team here at Harmons!

Food and nutrition is my passion. I love how powerful food is—it fosters human connection, celebrates cultures, and gives us life. I knew I wanted to be a Dietitian so I could help people be good at something so powerful! I especially love how powerful nutritious food is. Wholesome food is our ally in fighting disease, enables our bodies to corral kids or run a marathon, and strengthens our minds. I love food! I love cooking it, talking about it, eating it, and I especially love tasting unexpected versions of it.

I am all about developing a healthy relationship with food. I talk about this topic so much my husband now answers for me when friends ask what nutrition advice I have for them—I have trained him well! Here are 3 of 10 principles of Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole that I am focusing on right now:

1. Make peace with food.

Battling food can be so exhausting! Practicing intuitive eating has been a huge relief in my life. I’m no longer obsessing over every little thing I eat. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to plan my meals and I talk about food all of the time– but I no longer feel anxious around food.

2. Challenge the food police.

I have to make a conscious effort to not associate my character with the foods I eat. I am not “good” for eating an apple and I am not “bad” for eating a piece of chocolate. This way, I am able to switch my focus to eating the foods that will make my body feel best. Most of the time it ends up being the apple, but sometimes it’s the chocolate and that is just fine with me!

3. Respect your fullness.

It can be easy to overeat when I’m distracted or if something is delicious! I find it easier to recognize when my body is satisfied if I pause during meals and do a quick check on how I am feeling emotionally and physically. We’ve all been intuitive eaters—as babies, we cried when we were hungry and cried when we wanted to stop. With some practice we can all get back to eating intuitively.

I will be assisting customers and associates at our Mountain View, District, South Jordan, and Cougar locations. I look forward to meeting you all!