Halloween Candy Detox

November 1, 2019
| Created by Hannah Langley, MS, RDN, CD

Have you indulged in too much Halloween candy over the past few days? Are you noticing side effects such as spikes and dips in blood sugar, water retention from extra salt, grogginess, fatigue, and/or general crankiness? You are not alone! This feeling happens to all of us at some point, including our team of dietitian nutritionists.

Given my shameless use of the word detox in the title, it’s reasonable that you would expect a detox plan. However, you should know that Harmons dietitian nutritionists do not endorse “detox” regimens of any kind. Though popular diets and even some healthcare professionals tout magic lists of foods, juices, and supplements that can supposedly help “cleanse” your body of “toxins,” there really isn’t any science to back up these claims. Your body is an incredible machine and your liver, kidneys, and digestive system do a great job ridding your body of any toxins you may encounter.

Harmons dietitian nutritionists do not endorse “detox” regimens of any kind.

If your liver is not working properly, you have a serious health condition requiring a hospital, and a “detox” is not going to cut it. That being said, you can take steps to support your body’s natural detoxification process. So, if you’re feeling a little more zombie-like today than you did on Halloween, check out how Harmons dietitian nutritionists get back on track after days of indulgence.

Dietitian Ashley at Traverse Mountain and Holladay Market:

Start drinking water early—“As I wake up and get the day started, I try to finish a full water bottle – 20 ounces.”

Have a filling, nourishing breakfast– “My go-to is toast topped with mashed avocado and an egg.”

Dietitian Genevieve at City Creek:

Break the binge with a workout (or three). Working out in the morning makes me more likely to choose healthier options throughout the rest of the day. I focus on a vegetable heavy breakfast, like an omelet or breakfast salad, and choose fresh cut fruit when I start craving something sweet.

Dietitian Heather at Bangerter Crossing and Station Park:

Don’t starve yourself! “Sometimes we convince ourselves we need to under-eat to cancel out overeating the day before. The truth of the matter is our bodies need sufficient energy (calories) every day. If we restrict ourselves too much after an indulgence, it will inevitably end up in another binge. Focus on getting the right amount of nutritious foods that will leave you feeling great and energized.”

Dietitian Jonnell at Brickyard :

Fill up on nourishing foods to fuel your day. “I find that veggies and protein make me feel better after overindulging, so I include them at every meal (Shakshuka is a favorite way to get vegetables at breakfast).  I also drink lots of water and eat fruit when that inevitable craving for sugar hits.”

Dietitian Megan at Mountain View and The District:

Honor your body and avoid negative self-talk. “If we feel shame for over-indulging in treats, we are more prone to think “Oh I already blew it…might as well keep eating.” Instead, find satisfaction in the treats you had, and move on. Recognize how you can better practice what your body needs in the future. What makes my body most happy after a day of over-indulgence is eating a well-balanced meal and listening to my hunger cues!”

Dietitian Melanie at Santa Clara and St. George:  

Drink lots of water, unsweetened beverages and work it out.  “Anytime I’ve overeaten, I drink lots of water and iced tea the next day.  And as hard as it is, a good workout and sweat always makes me feel back to normal.” 

Dietitian Sarah at Harmons Support Office:

Eat protein and veggies! “After I over eat sugary foods, I tend to crave savory protein-rich meals (with lots of veggies on the side).  Bean and veg-packed chili is one of my all-time favorite fall foods to satisfy savory cravings.”

How do you get back on track after a day of over-doing it? We’d love to hear your strategies! Let us know with an e-mail to dietitian@harmonsgrocery.com