Plant-Based Shopping Has Never Been Easier

November 4, 2019
| Created by Hannah Langley, MS, RDN, CD

At Harmons, encouraging healthy eating is an important part of our mission as a grocery store. It’s the main reason we have a committed team of seven Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) working in our stores. One of the biggest ways our RDNs promote healthy eating is through our different colored tags. Marked on the shelf with the price, we highlight different attributes to make shopping easier for you.

Dietitians Choice

This lime green tag goes on the healthiest groceries handpicked by our RDNs. Click here to learn more.


Highlights our local Utah growers and producers.


Helpful when trying to choose products made within organic standards.

Gluten Free

If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, this purple tag is your friend!

Introducing our Fifth Tag! Vegan

To assist shoppers who choose vegan or more plant-based lifestyles, we have added “vegan friendly” onto our price tags. Know that an item might get multiple tags. For example, quinoa could be Dietitians Choice, Gluten Free, Organic, and Vegan! The vegan component will be denoted by “vegan friendly” as shown in the image below. If you do your shopping on Harmons eShop, you can also now filter by vegan. 

What does vegan mean for food and supplements?  Any item that states vegan on its package will say “vegan friendly” on the price tag.  We chose to tag all items that say they are vegan rather than only products labeled certified vegan. Harmons promotes many small and local companies that may not yet be able to get a vegan certification and we did not want to exclude those smaller producers.

What does vegan mean for health and beauty products?  Harmons understands that many people who choose to live a vegan lifestyle are concerned about animal welfare.  In order for a product to be considered vegan in the health and beauty area of our stores, the product must state that it is vegan and certified cruelty free. 

To learn more about our vegan products and the benefits of a plant-based diet, sign up for a shop with a Dietitian event. These events will help you learn the ins and outs of following a plant-based diet. You will learn shopping and cooking tips to create delicious meals and snacks that harness plant power. We are hosting these events at all of our stores throughout November:

Shop with a Dietitian at Bangerter Crossing: Tuesday, November 12 – 1pm-2pm 

Shop with a Dietitian at Brickyard: Saturday, November 16 – 11am-12pm

Shop with a Dietitian at City Creek: Tuesday, November 12- 10am-11am

Shop with a Dietitian at Cougar: Wednesday, November 203 pm – 4 pm

Shop with a Dietitian at Draper: Tuesday, November 12 – 10am  -11am 

Shop with a Dietitian at Holladay Market: Saturday, November 23 – 1pm – 2pm

Shop with a Dietitian at Mountain View Village: Tuesday, November 12—11 am – 12pm 

Shop with a Dietitian at Orchards (Orem): Tuesday, November 19 – 5pm – 6pm 

Shop with a Dietitian at Roy: Tuesday, November 19 – 2pm-3pm

Shop with a Dietitian at Santa Clara: Friday, November 15 – 11am-12pm

Shop with a Dietitian at South JordanThursday, November 21—3 pm – 4 pm 

Shop with a Dietitian at St. George: Wednesday, November 13 – 11am-12pm

Shop with a Dietitian at The District: Monday, November 115 pm – 6 pm

Shop with a Dietitian at Traverse Mountain: Saturday, November 16 – 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Shop with a Dietitian at West Valley: Monday, November 18 – 3pm – 4pm