Taste of Harmons Podcast: Cheese with Mariah

December 2, 2019
| Created by Harmons

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Taste of Harmons podcast! Today we’re talking cheese: tips and tricks for a beginner’s cheese board, what flavors are trending, and a few stories of some really unique cheeses. Find videos, photos, and other information in every episode’s blog!

Learn tips and tricks to creating your own cheese board with Mariah!

Cater your cheese board to your tastes with Mariah’s tips and tricks to making a beginner’s cheese board. 

When you’re ready to move onto the next level, craft an elegant holiday charcuterie board with a soft cheese, aged cheddar, goat or sheep cheese, hard cheese, and a blue cheese accompanied by savory salami, prosciutto, crackers, fig jam, and fresh fruit. Pick up everything you need here!

First pick your cheeses; for a really good board, pick a soft cheese, an aged cheddar, goat or sheep’s cheese, a hard cheese, and a blue cheese. 

Mt. Tam is Mariah’s go-to soft cheese. It is lush, creamy, buttery, and has a hint of mushroom flavor. It plays well with prosciutto, fresh fruit, all jams, artisan bread, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Beecher’s Flagship Reserve Cheddar is a great aged cheddar because everyone loves this flavorful, nutty cheddar. And it’s delicious with Lucy Glow or Lucy Rose apples or Olympia Provisions Saucisson Sec salami.

Add extra flavor to your cheese board with Meredith Dairy Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese is perfect. It’s pillow-soft and marinated in herbs, oil, garlic, and spices. Harmons artisan bread is the best pairing or top grilled chicken and roasted asparagus with it.

Use Beemster XO Gouda for gorgeous texture in a sweet and nutty cheese that pairs well with applewood-smoked prosciutto. And Roaring Forties Blue is a must have for any cheese board because it’s perfect for those new to blue cheese and for the blue cheese fanatic!

Accompany eight ounces each of your cheeses with Olympia Provisions Saucisson Sec, La Quercia Speck, Elevation Meats Breakfast Salami, Creminelli Stout Salami, Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread, Harmons artisan baguette, Marcona almonds, Lucy Glow or Lucy Rose apples, Holiday grapes, mini bell peppers, carrot sticks, pomegranate arils, dried figs, and dried cherries. 

And remember these helpful tips: 

  • Plan on one ounce of cheese per person.
  • An odd number of items is easier to arrange on a cheese board, so pick your cheeses in threes or fives. 
  • Serve your cheese board at room temperature.
  • And put the cheeses on the board first to make arranging the board easier!

For more information on cheese boards and what it’s like to be a cheese monger, watch the videos below!

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