Taste of Harmons Podcast: Honest John Bitters

December 20, 2019
| Created by Harmons

Welcome to the second episode of The Taste of Harmons podcast! This week we’re here with Sara Lund and Ryan Santos from Honest John Bitters to talk about bitters. Listen and learn a little about the company and the brand, how they make their bitters, and so much more!

First, here are some helpful references!

Honest John Bitters’ logo has a hand with the first two fingers crossed in front of a halo of light. Check it out:

Also, whenever you hear ABV in reference to bitters, spirits, or any type of alcohol, it’s referring to the alcohol by volume. To help you picture this, the ABV for beer is 4.5 percent, 11.6 percent for wine, and 37 percent for liquor.

So, what are bitters? Ryan explained for us, “Bitters are, essentially, a high proof flavoring extract.” Which means they’re great for adding flavors to cocktails, and that’s what they’re typically used for. But bitters are a great way to flavor almost anything from mocktails and cocktails to chocolate chip cookies! Like baking extracts, bitters are liquid. They’re made when herbs or fruit are infused into a flavorless alcohol base and water. So, does this mean bitters are alcoholic? Not really, but we’ll let our experts explain why!

Now that you know what bitters are and so much about Honest John Bitters, try these traditional and not-so-typical uses for bitters at your next party or while you’re baking!

Take a peek at these pairings or find recipes online at HarmonsGrocery.com or HonestJohnBitters.com!