Dietitians Choice on eShop

January 20, 2020

Online shopping is all the rage. With this convenient option you can grocery shop from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with access to a smartphone.

All that’s left for you is to pull up to our convenient curb-side pickup area, be greeted by our associates, and get the goods loaded right into your vehicle. Or better yet, choose our delivery option and get them delivered right to your door!

It is sometimes perceived that nutrition and convenience cannot coexist. It’s either fast food drive-thru or that super complex 3-hour long recipe you saw online with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN. Or is there?

As a dietitian and a foodie, I can appreciate the delicate processes of the most complex dishes. However, I’m also a realist. Sometimes we can’t even make time for grocery shopping, let alone spend multiple hours cooking.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we proudly present: the Dietitians Choice filter on eShop! Just like online shopping for not only a sweater but a green sweater, let us help you find not only bread but Dietitians Choice bread. This filter will show the overall healthier choices within each category of food. Imagine being in the aisles of the grocery store looking for healthy choices and you’re feeling confused. Lost. FORSAKEN. On eShop, with one click of the mouse, the not-so-nutritious options are out of sight and out of mind. You’re left with fresh, delicious choices which will leave you feeling good and energized.

Our green icon indicates a Dietitians Choice product.

Let us do the work of walking the aisles and finding the healthy choices for you…leaving you more time for whatever you deem most important or fulfilling. However you choose to use that extra time, consider it a gift from us at Harmons to you and your family.

We have multiple filters to cater to your specific shopping needs.

Check out all of our available filters here, or start your dietitians choice online order here. If you have more specific questions and would like to work with a dietitian for a plan tailored personally for you, contact our team at