Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

January 30, 2020
| Created by Megan GuynnMegan Guynn

Winter is peak season for citrus fruits, especially oranges! Which type will you try next?  

Clementine. The smallest type of mandarin orange, Clementines have a darker peel which is smooth, shiny, and easy to remove. They’re typically sold in the store under the brand name Halos, and make a perfect sweet snack.

Tangerine Sumo. As one of the largest types of mandarin oranges, it’s no wonder where it got its name. They are sweet and seedless, with a good texture. Easy to peel and segment, these are a fuss-free fruit!

Tangelos. These have the sweetness of a tangerine with the tartness of a grapefruit. Its characteristic knob makes them easy to spot, and they’re extremely juicy and mild in flavor.

Large Navel Oranges. This is what most people think of when you say orange. Its name comes from the undeveloped second fruit that grows at the top of the main fruit and looks like a human bellybutton. These are large and juicy with a crisp texture.

Cara Cara. A type of navel orange with a pinkish-red flesh, Cara Cara are sweeter and have a hint of cranberry or blackberry flavor. They are medium-sized with a textured, glossy peel which clings to the flesh.

Blood Orange. These are smaller in size compared to navel, but heavier due to increased juice content. Blood Oranges have a hint of raspberry flavor, and deep maroon and crimson-colored flesh due to its high volume of anthocyanins, adding extra antioxidants!

Produce tip: When browsing the produce section, choose oranges that are relatively heavy with no sponginess.