10 Easy Swaps for Heart Health

February 7, 2020
| Created by Melanie Taylor, MS, RDN, CD

February is American Heart Month! Show your heart some love with these easy swaps:

1. Replace refined grain breakfast cereal with oatmeal for added heart healthy fiber.

2. Skip the candy bowl and choose lower fat and low added sugar yogurt for a snack. The Dietitians Choice tag can help!

3. Swap mayonnaise and cheese for avocado on a sandwich to keep saturated fat in check.

4. Replace ground beef in a recipe with lean ground turkey, or better yet with legumes, lentils, or chopped mushrooms!

5. Swap white bread for a whole grain option. Look for “whole” first on the ingredient list or use the Dietitians Choice tag to help.

6. Replace juice with whole fruits and vegetables for added fiber, vitamins and, minerals.

7. Trade croutons for nuts in your favorite salad, for a heart healthy crunch.

8. Swap a creamy pre-made salad dressing with a homemade olive oil based dressing or oil and balsamic vinegar.

9. Use sharp, instead of mild, cheese to enjoy a big flavor punch with less cheese.

10. Trade a high sodium, high fat snack like potato chips, for veggies and hummus.