2020 Food Trends

February 7, 2020
| Created by Melanie Taylor, MS, RDN, CD

At Harmons, we get new items in our stores every eight to ten weeks. Our buyers are always looking for the best up-and-coming products and as dietitians in the grocery store, we constantly see new products promoting health. Some are actually beneficial. Others? Not so much. After scouring the internet, there are a couple predicted trends for 2020 to be on the lookout for:

  • Meat Alternatives and Plant Based Options

A plant-based diet has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. We know that eating more plant foods may provide protection against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and some cancers. Further, plant based foods are environmentally sustainable which is incredibly important in this day and age.  In anticipation of this trend continuing, Harmons dietitians began tagging vegan items throughout our store in November 2019.  Read more about this new shopping tool on Dietitian Ashley’s recent blog or email us at Dietitian@HarmonsGrocery.com to schedule a personal  Shop with a Dietitian: Plant Based tour.

  • Milk Alternatives

Consumers are giving up dairy for a variety of reasons, including health, environment, and lifestyle. Whether it be lactose intolerance, milk allergies, or avoidance of animal products that causes you to switch, there’s an alternative to meet your needs.  Soy, almond, and rice milk alternatives will still be strong in 2020, but look for some new(ish) kids on the block like oat milk and Harmons Dietitians’ favorite, pea protein milk.

  • Kombucha

Craft kombucha is predicted to have a rise in popularity. Kombucha has been around for a bit, but watch for more locally made options, clever flavor combinations and even hard kombucha! Did you know that some Harmons locations have kombucha on tap? Bring by your growler and fill up on the good stuff.

  • Cauliflower Everything

Have you noticed cauliflower substitutes for all the carb-heavy ingredients we love? This trend isn’t new and is certainly not going away.  Where will we see the humble cauliflower pop up in 2020?  The possibilities are endless. My current favorite is Plantpower Sandwich Thins found in our frozen foods section.

  • Butters and Spreads

The days of plain old PB&J are long gone (but only if you want them to be!). Watch for all kinds of spreads and butters on the rise…everything from souped up almond butters to watermelon seed butter.  Basically, if you can eat it, you’ll be able to spread it.

  • Dessert Hummus

Yes, you read that right!  Our love for mashed chickpeas has extended beyond a savory dip for veggies and crackers, but is it a healthy snack option?  Dessert varieties are still sources of fiber and protein, but they also have added sugar.  Keep in mind that the serving size is two tablespoons, not the whole container, and use fruits or a Dietitians Choice granola bar for dipping, to boost nutrition.  

  • Flour Power

Flours from almonds, coconut, and other non-traditional grains have been big the last few years and they don’t show any signs of slowing down!  Watch for fruit, vegetable, and bean based flours, as well as products using these flours as companies respond to our interest in increased nutrition, cultural cooking, and allergy free products. Que banana flour!

  1. Snacks in the refrigerator

Move over chips and crackers!  Snack options have grown beyond the shelf stable varieties and are booming in the refrigerator.  Besides old favorites like string cheese and hard boiled eggs (which we love), try snack packs like hummus cups, fruit and nut blends, yogurts, and kefir; and even charcuterie snacks to go!  

  1. Sparkling Water

Possibly my favorite food trend is sparkling water.  Sugary, artificially colored sodas are sooo 1990. The growing varieties of sparkling waters are a great alternative to quench our thirst and bring us into the new decade.  Some varieties even come with a kick of caffeine! Watch for more brands, more flavors, and bubbles in 2020.

Are you getting trendy with your food choices this year? What’s your favorite 2020 Food Trend?