How Does Social Distancing Apply To Me?

March 19, 2020
| Created by Harmons

Social distancing is a buzzword we’re hearing a lot about right now, as our community joins together to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. But what, exactly, does it mean for you? The key points of social distancing are:

  • Try to stay at least six feet away from people and avoid any physical contact.
  • Avoid public transportation whenever possible, and limit nonessential travel.
  • Reduce workplace social contacts, limit in-person meetings, and lunch meetups.
  • Avoid any crowded public activities such as concerts or sporting events.
  • Quarantine yourself if you show any signs of illness.

Most of these things are self-explanatory, but how does it apply to your life, specifically as you work to maintain a regular supply of food and other essential household items? We’ve listed a few specific things to consider as you stock up and do your regular grocery shopping.

  • Maintain distance from other customers while shopping. Stand back as you wait in the checkout line and be patient as the associate properly sanitizes the station between customers. These measures are to keep you and our associates safe, and we appreciate your understanding and patience.
  • Avoid excessive handling of items you do not intend to purchase.
  • Take extra measures and practice good food hygiene. Make sure you thoroughly wash your produce when you get it home.
  • There is no need for panic-buying. We are getting regular shipments in several times a day and have made some operational changes that will ensure the items you need are in stock, and you can safely come to the store to buy them. We will continue to focus on keeping our shelves stocked.

With this focus on keeping stores open and customers and associates well and safe, all while maintaining a safe shopping environment, we have made some important operational changes. Below are a few of the specific policies and processes we have enacted to do our part in this difficult time. You can rest assured we’re here for you.

  • We have changed our store hours to allow our associates time to restock shelves and to properly clean and sanitize at a time when customers are not present. This gives them the needed social distance to effectively do their job while still providing our customers with the highest level of service.
  • We are offering special hours for customers who are a part of the at-risk population, specifically those over age 60, the disabled, and the immunocompromised. Allowing them to shop at a time when they will risk the least exposure is an important part of providing a safe environment for them while they are performing essential tasks.
  • We have changed our cleaning and sanitation process at the checkout, to keep both our customers and our associates safe.
  • We have temporarily discontinued our self-serve food service and hot food service, and are not allowing any in-store dining, to minimize any possible risk of exposure and gathering of crowds. We have also temporarily discontinued our cooking classes and special events.
  • Harmons has not had any of our associates test positive for COVID-19, but we have asked them to go home and self-quarantine if they are feeling ill, and we are supporting them in getting the healthcare they need.

Harmons has been in the business of people and community in Utah since 1932, and we take that very seriously. Every customer and associate matters to us, and together we can get through this very difficult time.  To learn more about what Harmons is doing, please click below to read our Coronavirus FAQs.