Taste of Harmons Podcast: Craft Beer

March 20, 2020
| Created by Harmons

Welcome to the latest episode of Taste of Harmons podcast. In this installment Chef Lesli and Brandon Young, together with our special guests Will Gillane and Paul Konopelski from Bohemian Brewery, explore craft beer. 

What is craft beer?

You’ve probably heard that term, but you might be wondering what exactly it means. Put simply, a craft brewer is a small and independent brewer that produces six million barrels of beer or lessor year. Because they are small and independent, they are often deeply embedded in their community and a valuable part of a local experience. The Bohemian Brewery definitely fits this definition.

Bohemian Brewery's Story

Opened by Joe and Helen Petras, they started their business in 2001, with the intention of introducing Utah diners to the food and beer of their native Czechoslovakia. And not just any beer. They focused on fine lagers using traditional techniques withnew paler malts. After Joe past away in 2012, the brewery was sold to a local restaurant group that is carrying on the original goals of Joe Petras. In the podcast Paul Konopelski, who serves as a brewer and quality manager, shares his love of the art of brewing, opining about hops, barley, the practice of malting, and more. Will Gillane, who serves as the sales and marketing manager, and describes himself as a beer connoisseur, joins in the conversation as we learn about the brewing process. Bohemian brews a dozen or so different lagers regularly, as well as some brewer’s specials that are served in the restaurant that accompanies their establishment, and at special events. Many of their specialty brews are available at Harmons, including variety packs so you can experience the complete range of what they offer.  

Want to know more about Paul?

Paul’s brewing experience started by helping his father cap bottles of home brew when he was 10 years old. While studying chemistry at UC Santa Barbara, Paul “liberated” his father’s old setup and started home brewing, creating delicious beer even on a limited college student’s budget. After receiving a chemistry degree in 2011, Paul attended the UC Davis Master Brewers Program and shortly after, in 2012, he started working at Bohemian Brewery. When not brewing—at home or at Bohemian—he enjoys the beautiful state of Utah by camping, hiking, rock climbing, and tree climbing.

Learn more about Paul and the brewery here.