Taste of Harmons Podcast: Isolation Health Tips with Dietitian Sarah

April 17, 2020
| Created by Harmons

On the latest episode of the Taste of Harmons Podcast, Dietitian Sarah joins Chef Lesli and Brandon Young to share some of the tips she’s using to stay sane and healthy in this trying time.

When turmeric root, ginger, and garlic went flying off the shelves with the toilet paper and hand sanitizer, the Harmons dietitians knew people were looking for ways to stay safe in the midst of a global pandemic.

According to Harmons Dietitian Sarah Kiel, whose official title is wellness champion, there are no foods that can stop you from getting COVID-19. Turmeric root, ginger, and garlic are high in antioxidants, and garlic has anti-microbial properties, but there simply is no evidence they will protect you, and a balanced diet is a better option.

Everyone has different coping mechanisms, and Sarah shares that she did some comfort brownie baking the first week, but as she points out, there’s nothing wrong with comfort eating. It’s a coping mechanism to get through a difficult time, and eating foods that make you happy isn’t bad, as long as you balance it out with other healthy foods, exercise, and the proper amount of rest.

As a dietitian, Sarah has a holistic view of health, which means looking at every individual part as it affects the whole, so she focuses on keeping both physically and mentally happy. Her suggestions come from that holistic viewpoint, and she has some great tips on treating your mind and body well.

Whether it’s a Zoom yoga class (who knew that was a thing?) to venturing outdoors to hike a trail or explore your neighborhood, there are still many ways to stay physically active, while practicing safe social distancing.

You can visit our blog for more information on staying and eating healthy, including how to “healthify” pantry staples and making a two-week shopping list a breeze. Learn more about our dietitians here .

Want to learn more about Sarah?

Sarah aims to make healthy living easy and accessible for Harmons customers. Providing individual and specialized nutritional services geared at achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Sarah’s goal is to help Harmons shoppers recognize that shopping for and cooking healthy food can actually be fun.

Sarah received a bachelor degree in dietetics from Indiana University. After a move to Utah and a visit to Harmons, she immediately knew that she wanted to be a part of the Dietitians Choice Program. And when’s she’s not helping Harmons customers discover their own health and wellness, you can find her discovering her own by mountain biking, running, hiking, or cooking.