Exotic Produce Highlight: Star Fruit

April 30, 2020
| Created by Genevieve Daly, RDN, CD

Are you getting sick of quarantine pantry cooking yet? An easy way to bring excitement back into your family meals is by adding a new exotic produce item your family hasn’t tried yet.

Carambola is known for its distinct ridges that, when sliced, resembles the shape of a star – hence the nickname star fruit!

Flavor and texture: Sweet and tangy. Thin, waxy edible skin with a chewy texture and a crunchy, juicy flesh.

How to select: Flesh should be firm to the touch. Skin color can range from greenish-yellow to golden in color.

Storage: Store on counter until ripe, then tightly cover and refrigerate

Seasonality: Year-round

Recipe ideas: Fruit salad, garnish for dishes and drinks, salsa, or chutneys   

Cooking techniques: raw or stir fry

Flavor pairings:

  • Protein: chicken, fish, or shrimp
  • Produce: pineapple, papaya, blood orange
  • Seasonings: five-spice powder, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Nutrition per 100g: 30cal, 0g fat, 7g carbohydrates, 3g fiber and almost 40% DV of vitamin C!

Check out our previous posts on dragon fruit  and kumquats for more ideas! Are there some exotic produce items you’re unsure of how to use? Email us at dietitian@harmonsgrocery.com for recipe suggestions!

Note: Starfruit may be toxic to people with kidney disease and should be avoided.