Girl Scout Cookies On Sale Now

May 7, 2020
| Created by Harmons

Did you know the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world? The yearly cookie drive funds life-changing, girl-led programs, experiences, and learning for 1.7 million girls.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the Girl Scouts were in the middle of their yearly fundraiser. To protect both the girls and communities in the wake of COVID-19, the Girl Scouts suspended door-to-door sales and cookie booths and began offering their product for sale online. They also started a program to allow people to support the Girl Scouts and donate cookies to our hometown heroes—first responders and healthcare workers. But they still have a lot of unsold cookies, and so Harmons has stepped in to help this very important non-profit organization.

Harmons is accepting 24,000 boxes of cookies on consignment from the Girl Scouts of Utah and will be offering some of your favorites for sale in our store, including Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and Lemon-Ups. The cost of each box is $5.

The local Girl Scout leadership said, “Thank you to Harmons for being our hometown hero and providing an opportunity for us to sell these cookies, which power our incredible adventures and leadership opportunities as Girl Scouts!”

All funds from each box of cookies will go directly to Girl Scouts of Utah, and power new, unique, and amazing experiences where they can practice entrepreneurship, learn critical life skills, explore the great outdoors, and dive into amazing STEM activities that unleash their imaginations and broaden their worlds.

When you make a Girl Scout Cookie purchase, you’re helping the next generation of young female entrepreneurs get an important taste of what it takes to be successful, as they implement teamwork, planning, and a positive outlook.

On your next grocery shopping trip pick up a box of your favorite cookies and know you’ve made a difference in the life of some of Utah’s girls.