Taste of Harmons Podcast: Floral

May 8, 2020
| Created by Harmons

On the latest episode of the Taste of Harmons Podcast, Amanda Hammond and Cheryl Kellen join Chef Lesli and Brandon to discuss a topic that’s trending this time of year, floral. 

Amanda Hammond-Floral Manager

As a little girl, Amanda Hammond learned flowers make people happy. Today, as a certified florist for Harmons, her career is centered around flora and she’s still working to bring people joy.

Amanda is the floral manager at our Traverse Mountain store in Lehi, and in this episode of our Taste of Harmons Podcast, she shares a lot of information about the flower power behind the beautiful arrangements available in our stores and online.

Amanda’s foray into the floral world started when she was young. On Mother’s Day she would go out and pick lilacs and bring them home to make three different bouquets for her mother and two grandmothers.

She saw how happy her mother and grandmothers were with their arrangements, and that memory stayed with her, making it only natural she would pursue a job in the floral arts. Harmons has a strong belief in associate education, and so about four years ago Amanda was sent through a certification process that had both hands-on and online tests, and classes that involved learning plant knowledge, merchandising, and more. That program gave her a certified florist certificate and a lot of information she’s used to teach others and produce the best possible floral arrangements for Harmons customers.

One thing Amanda shares on the podcast is something our customers may not realize: Harmons actually has a floral distribution center, with a dozen or so floral designers that make most of the beautiful arrangements to go to grocery stores and out for home deliveries. In addition, Harmons offers flower arrangements for weddings, funerals, and pretty much anything else you can think of. You have a bounty of options available, from ordering in store, online, or contacting the distribution center directly by calling (801) 957-8477.

Cheryl Kellen-Floral and Seasonal Buyer

In the second half of the podcast, we are joined by Cheryl Kellen, who is the floral and seasonal buyer for Harmons. She shares with us her experiences buying the items stocked in our stores that “make people happy.”

Doing her job, Cheryl has had the opportunity to travel to places like Ecuador and Columbia, where she visited some of the farms that provide the beautiful roses you find in Harmons. The process of harvesting flowers and keeping them fresh while they travel to their intended destination is surprisingly scientific. Cheryl shares the amazing steps that are taken from the time the flower is harvested to the time that it arrives in stores.

Along with the flowers that arrive from South America, Harmons works with local growers from across the state of Utah, and the quality—of both blooming plants and cut flowers—is the most important aspect Cheryl looks for.

One of the best things about flowers is no one is ever unhappy to receive them, she points out. With the current situation we are living through, including staying at home and social distancing, the time has never been better to surprise someone with a beautiful plant or floral arrangement. It’s also a good time to treat yourself to things that make you feel better and brighten your home and subsequently, your mood.

Like Amanda, Cheryl feels strongly that flowers bring happy with them, and an arrangement of mixed flowers will brighten anyone’s day. She also recommends tulips, daisies, or sunflowers as a good choice for those looking to get out of a pandemic rut.

Tune in to the podcast as Amanda and Cheryl offer tips to keep your flowers fresh longer, the hidden meaning behind particular flowers, and more.