Sip Your Way Into Summer

May 26, 2020
| Created by Harmons

This post was written by Harmons Nutrition Intern, Kylee Sexton. Kylee is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.

School’s out for summer! That phrase possibly evokes some different feelings than in years past. While school has already been “out” for many weeks now, that doesn’t mean the hard work has stopped. Students have persisted through a spring semester like no other. Another noteworthy shout-out goes to parents who have stepped up as homeschool teachers on the fly. To the graduating Class of 2020, we applaud your accomplishments! And finally, a huge thank you goes out to all of the teachers who adapted on a moment’s notice to make it all possible.

This calls for a celebration! Sit back, relax, and “cheers” to another school year complete. Use the basic formula below to try your hand at crafting a celebratory mocktail suitable for serving to any crowd.

Formula for the perfect summer mocktail:

Bubbles + something fruity and bright + LOTS of garnish, all over ice

Sparkling water with or without a hint of flavor works perfectly for the bubbles. Kombucha is another fun option. Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit add a bright twist. Berries can also contribute a pleasant tartness, and using frozen fruit keeps your glass frosty. Munch any leftover fruit for a bonus boost of vitamins and antioxidants! Muddle with your favorite herbs to create exciting flavor combos and add some fancy flair to your glass. Edible flowers also make for a gorgeous garnish. Optional: splash in some 100% fruit juice to craft something that the whole family will enjoy. Get creative with your recipe! Drink umbrellas are encouraged.

Some ideas to try:

Lemon sparkling water + strawberries + lemon wedges + basil leaves

Lime sparkling water + blackberries + lime wedges  + mint leaves

Lemon sparkling water + blueberries + lemon wedges + rosemary sprigs

Swapping out a few regular cocktails with mocktails is also a great change that you can make for your health. Summer is a time of many festivities, so try to limit your intake to no more than one alcoholic drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. Sip away on these mocktails instead!