Produce to the Party!

July 16, 2020
| Created by Heather Lieber, MS, RDN, CD

With summer comes potlucks, barbecues, and celebrations with food. If you are bringing food to contribute, it is tempting to go for inexpensive, convenient crowd-pleasers like potato chips or store-bought cookies. Although tasty, if everyone goes this route you end up feeling overly full but somehow still unsatisfied after your meal. Do everyone a favor and think produce when you head to your next party! A fresh, juicy, crisp option will keep everyone satisfied, but not too stuffed. Here are some quick ideas for inspiration: 

Seasonal fruit 

  • Whatever is on sale, buy it, wash it, slice it! Check out Melon Mania running through this week 

Baby carrots + sliced cucumber + sliced bell pepper + favorite dip/dressing 

  • A few minutes of slicing and you’ve made your own veggie tray 

Bagged salad kits 

  • Make sure to add the dressing just before serving 

Grapes + berries + canned mandarin oranges mixed in vanilla Greek yogurt 

  • A classic fruit salad plus protein and probiotics, minus whipped cream 

Apple slices + peanut butter mixed with vanilla Greek yogurt 

  • Enjoy your fruit of choice with this two-ingredient nutty fruit dip 

Harmons fresh salsa, guacamole, or corn and black bean salad with tortilla chips 

  • Classic grab-n-go options, always crowd pleasers 

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