Product review: healthier frozen desserts

July 27, 2020
| Created by Megan Guynn RDN, CD

It’s usually around this time of year I find myself perusing the frozen treat aisle, desperate to find something cool and refreshing. However, I don’t feel my best if I’m always eating sugar-laden ice cream and popsicles. Instead, I thought I’d look for products that are satisfying and keep my body going. Here are my top 6 healthier frozen desserts at Harmons right now. 

Modern Pops: Cookies and Cream

Avocado lovers: think you’ve seen it all? Think again! 

This avocado-based pop may be unexpected, but it pays off. The result? A surprisingly creamy ice pop, with a great source of healthy fats sure to keep you satisfied until your next meal. These don’t melt quite as easily as most cream ice pops, which means you get to savor the flavor longer!

Can I eat this for breakfast?

An impressive five grams of protein, and only eight grams of added sugar makes this a reasonably balanced snack. These have a good mint flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness. I will definitely be trying other Yasso flavors. I think I can get away with eating the fruit varieties for breakfast…

The first ingredient is real strawberries! 

Imagine eating juicy summer strawberries and a perfectly ripe banana with a touch of velvety cream. Are you drooling yet? You should be! These are amazingly creamy, which means they taste delicious but also melt fairly quickly. I suspect these would not hold well in a cooler for picnics or lake days. No matter, these are so mouthwatering they would probably get eaten before you arrived anyways. 

Does this qualify as a freezer staple? 

These chocolate covered berries are a common occurrence in my household—I bet they will be in yours, too! TruFru has covered raspberries, blueberries, and cherries available in either a milk or dark chocolate coating (along with white chocolate!). The dark chocolate raspberries are a personal favorite. These are perfect for choosing your own portion; whether it’s one or two to indulge a craving, or a full five piece serving size to feel more satiated.

Nutrition bar turned ice cream? Count me in!

If you like KIND nut bars, you’ll love their frozen product! These have a great crunch on top, a nice creamy middle, and the perfect balance of salty and sweet! They taste similar to a Snickers ice cream bar, but their nutrition sets them apart. This bar has more protein, less saturated fat, almost half the amount of added sugars, and seven times the amount of fiber compared to a Snickers ice cream bar. I snacked on this and wasn’t hungry again for several hours. You will not be disappointed.  


Of all the low-carb ice cream options out there, this one is a favorite. This has a texture that most closely resembles the real deal. With a good amount of protein and fiber, this is a sweet treat that will actually satisfy your hunger. This is sweetened with sugar alcohols which can cause some digestive issues for some people. I would recommend starting with half the serving size to see how you feel. 

No need to sacrifice taste for nutrition this summer! These products taste great and won’t slow you down. Eating healthfully doesn’t necessarily mean always eating broccoli, but rather making small, lasting changes in whatever capacity you can. 

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