The benefits of buying local

July 30, 2020
| Created by Harmons

Most of us walk through the grocery store blissfully unaware of the impact on the economy and environment each purchase makes. One of the best ways to support your community and reduce your carbon footprint is buying local.

As a locally owned and operated grocer, Harmons is committed to supporting business in our community, and we carry more than 3,600 local items in our stores.

Ways that buying local helps the environment

  • Purchasing goods produced in your local community cuts down on food miles, with no need for overseas shipping or long truck trips. This ultimately cuts down on fuel consumption and air pollution.
  • Because Harmons carries so much local produce and other products, you have easy access to local products all in one location, cutting down on your personal carbon footprint, with everything you need available in one place.  
  • By buying and eating local, consumers are able to enjoy produce that is fresh and nutritious. Many local producers pride themselves on keeping their product organic, hormone free, and pesticide free.
  • Buying local means farmers can continue to own their land, and don’t have to sell out to big developers.
  • Buying local is supporting the community by putting people to work within your local area.

Ways that buying local helps the economy

  • It keeps money in your community, ensuring the local economy stays vibrant and thriving.
  • It helps small businesses stay afloat, without having to try to compete nationally or globally.
  • It creates jobs.
  • It helps create a local supply chain which in turn keeps money in your community.

Health benefits

And there are health benefits as well. Counties in the US with a higher volume of local businesses had a lower rate of mortality, obesity, and diabetes. According to the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy, and Society, 3,060 counties and parishes were shown to have these lower rates,

With all these positive factors, what are you waiting for? Let’s shop local