Find the Golden Bob—Holiday Scavenger Hunt

November 18, 2020
| Created by Harmons

Christmas is a time for giving, and we are really in the mood to do just that, so we’re excited to announce our second annual Golden Bob Christmas Scavenger Hunt. The contest will be held December 4-11, 2020, and is completely virtual, with one clue going out each day on our social media Instagram and Facebook stories.

The answers will be found on our website, among the wonderful recipes and foodie culture we share.

There will be a daily winner of an amazing gift basket worth $200. The first person to find the day’s Golden Bob, and correctly answer the question, will win the basket! 

Daily Gift Basket Giveaway

The basket will include:

  • Online cooking school classes
  • A Dowdle puzzle
  • A $50 Harmons gift card
  • Honest John Bitters products
  • Soap Lady products
  • Hollow Tree Honey
  • Chocolate Conspiracy
  • Stephen’s Hot Chocolate
  • Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop
  • Harmons fresh pack candy
  • A gingerbread house kit

Grand Prize

Even more exciting is we will be choosing four grand prize winners who will receive a $100 gift card monthly for the entire 2021 year. That’s $1200 toward your groceries! In order to win, all you have to do is find each daily Golden Bob, and correctly answer the question, and you will be entered to win one of the four grand prizes!

Happy holidays and go find those Golden Bobs!

  1. You must be a Foodie Club member to participate and win. If you don’t have a Foodie Club card, you can sign up for one free here.
  2. The daily basket winner is the first one to find the Golden Bob after the clue is posted on social media. Watch our Facebook and Instagram stories daily for the clue.
  3. To win one of the four grand prizes, you must find each clue from all eight days, and answer the question correctly. The winners will be drawn from all those who meet this qualification.
  4. You are not required to answer the clue on the day it is posted, and will qualify for the drawing as long as you answer all of the clues correctly. 
  5. There can only be one winner per household for both the daily drawing and the grand prize drawing. For example, once you win a daily basket, you are no longer eligible to win any other basket, but you are still eligible to win the grand prize. If you are picked as the grand prize winner, you can only win once.
  6. Harmons associates and their families are not eligible to win.
  7. No purchase is necessary to win.
  8. No refunds or product changes in baskets will be allowed.

Golden Bob Clue—Day 1

This is where your quest begins,

A summary, you see,

Of Christmas trees and glorious feasts.

Oh, where can the Golden Bob be?

Golden Bob Clue—Day 2

Meat and cheese and fruit and nuts

Go great together on a tray.

Your next Golden Bob awaits on a page

Where food’s displayed in an appetizing way.

Golden Bob Clue—Day 3

Our chefs enjoy a holiday treat

And Christmas candy to share.

Where can you learn to make your own?

Your next Golden Bob will be there.

Golden Bob Clue—Day 4

Peppermint and chocolate chunks,

Together with a wafer,

Add up to a treat that’s bark won’t bite,

And all around you can savor.

Golden Bob Clue—Day 5

With stories and laughter and talk about food,

The subjects range from spicy salsas to bees.

If you go to this page, you’ll find episodes galore

And the answer’s in the one about cheese.  

Golden Bob Clue—Day 6

No man is an island,

But we use one for cheese

From all over the world—

Try cheddars or bries.

Golden Bob Clue—Day 7

Noel means it’s Christmas

And to decorate right,

Find a centerpiece with tapers

Filled with flowers to delight.

Golden Bob Clue—Day 8

As Christmas grows closer

And menus are planned,

Think of food for Christmas morning—

Ginger muffins would be grand.