12 Recipes for a Plant-Based Thanksgiving

November 25, 2020
| Created by Genevieve Daly, RDN, CD

Thanksgiving Day meals are most often associated with roasted turkey, however the increasingly popular plant-based diet is giving turkeys a run for their money.  Here’s a few healthy plant-based recipes to try this holiday season, many of which are vegan or can be easily adjusted to be suitable for vegans.

Appetizers are a great way to sneak in some extra vegetables prior to eating dinner. A platter with sliced veggies and hummus from our produce sous chefs is always a crowd pleaser, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more wow factor, check out this grilled corn cobettes with hoisin-orange butter or these savory eggplants glazed in miso.

Sides don’t always need to have heavy cream or come wrapped in bacon. Use this flavorful vegetarian mushroom gravy to dip your rolls in or top your stuffing with.  Add some greenery to your plate with this kale and Brussels sprouts salad, or try these sizzling spicy green beans as a healthy alternative to a green bean casserole. For a side that practically doubles as your table’s center piece, check out this spiced sweet potato and parsnip tian.

Entrees extend far beyond the classic Thanksgiving turkey roast. Try one of our many plant-based meat alternatives, like Beyond Beef or Impossible Grind, or give other ingredients like legumes a try. Lentils are an affordable, protein rich option that would make a great addition to your plant-based Thanksgiving meal. Try out this tangy lentil loaf made with gochujang sauce that gives it a satisfying level of heat. Using lentils in this shepherd’s pie is a small twist on a popular dish that would be perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Desserts can and most definitely should be enjoyed while following a plant based diet. Check out this four ingredient quick apple tart that tastes even better than it looks! Or for a recipe that comes together in less than 15 minutes, look no further than chocolate blancmange.

Looking for a hassle-free holiday? Check out our plant-based Thanksgiving meal. The meal includes our Kitchen’s Impossible meatless loaf, as well as a vegan pumpkin pie from City Cakes.

Cooked and Cooled Meatless Loaf Meal