Healthy Living Meal Plan 1/18-1/22

January 18, 2021
| Created by Heather Lieber, MS, RDN, CD

Harmons team of registered dietitian nutritionists has curated recipes and meal ideas to delight your taste buds and support healthy living. Check back every week through February 22, 2021, for a new plan with fresh dinner inspiration.

Meatless Monday (1/18):  Edamame Fried Rice 

Using frozen edamame and veggies, this is a great go-to if you are cleaned out of fresh produce. This vegetarian protein powerhouse is crazy convenient, especially if you opt for microwaveable rice ready in just 90 seconds. Finishing with a drizzle of toasted sesame oil is the secret to that restaurant quality taste. 

Tuesday (1/19):  Chicken Fajitas 

Our meat department does all the heavy prep work for you! Purchase tortillas, avocado, and a side of fruit to complement this convenient entrée. Try nonfat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a similar cool, creamy texture, a tangier flavor, and lower saturated fat content.  

Wednesday (1/20): Legume Pasta with Steamed Broccoli 

Legume pastas have become more and more popular on our shelves. Made with some sort of bean, pea, or lentil, these products contain 11-14 grams of protein per serving! Pair the Barilla chickpea pasta with Harmons steamable broccoli and your favorite Dietitians Choice pasta sauce or infused olive oil, and you have dinner on the table in just 15 minutes.

Thursday (1/21): Red Thai Curry with Chicken  

Store-bought curry paste is a single ingredient that adds a complexity of flavor. Curries are an easy base to add a variety of vegetables to, so pick your favorites and give them a simmer in this flavorful curry base.  

Friday (1/22):  Goat Cheese Veggie Pita Pizzas 

Whole wheat pitas make the perfect instant, individual pizza crust. A quick broil brings the crisp, then pile on your favorite combo of veggies and salty cheese, and you’ll have a drool-worthy pizza in no time at all.

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