Made Fresh In-Store

February 9, 2021
| Created by Genevieve Daly, RDN, CD

Here at Harmons, we really like to show off our associates’ chef skills. From our chef-cut produce items, to our bakery’s freshly baked bread, to the many made-from-scratch recipes in the kitchen, the number of items our stores produce each day is nothing short of amazing. Here’s a guide to the best Dietitians Choice options that are made-from-scratch in our stores. 


The fresh cut area in produce is a meal solution MVP for many home cooks. Ever on a tight crunch for dinner? This is the pace of countless options for a quick and easy side to serve your family. Our chef-prepared produce is cut in-store daily by Harmons produce associates. The fruits and vegetables you’ll find are picked directly from the shelf and prepared in our produce kitchens, which means you’re getting the freshest product you can imagine. In need of a mostly complete meal? Vegetable kits like our stir fry blend and fajita blend just require a protein and a sauce to make it a complete meal! My personal favorite produce product is our pesto hummus which I’ve started using as a simple base for falafel, eliminating the need for a food processor! 


What do you do when you want freshly baked bread but don’t have a few hours to spare to make it yourself? You visit the bakery. Our always delicious and ever-popular 7-grain bread is a true cult favorite among Dietitians Choice products. Keep your eye out for the July bread of the month, sunflower honey whole wheat, which is also Dietitians Choice! 

Meat and Seafood

Meat sometimes gets a bad rap in the nutrition world, but we have many recipe-ready options that are perfectly healthy for busy yet health-conscious families. The fajita blends we offer are a lower fat, lower sodium option that can be cooked up in under 10 minutes. Our wide range of seasoned chicken breasts lets you experience different flavor combinations without investing in several bottles of marinades. Best of all, the added bonus of them being marinated for several hours means you get the most flavor out of your meat! 


We know that just because you’re stretched for time doesn’t mean you should sacrifice eating well. For days when your schedule is a little hectic, there’s no better option than the kitchen. From our many dinner deal options to our chef-prepared a la carte options like grilled chicken breast or ironman salad, the kitchen has you covered for all of your dinner needs. Our recipes are made fresh in-store and many of our ingredients are locally sourced, including Hollow Tree Honey and Stone Ground Bakery products. 

Each of our departments strive to make your shopping trip an experience of quality, taste, and service. Be sure to look for our Dietitians Choice icon to help guide you towards the healthier options in each department. As always, if you have any questions or need additional help with your diet, feel free to email to get in touch with one of our registered dietitian nutritionists.-