Squeeze the Day with our Fresh-Squeezed Juices

March 10, 2021
| Created by Harmons

At Harmons, one of our goals is to provide our customers with products we make fresh in-store, and our fresh-squeezed juices are one of our favorites.

We offer four types of juice: orange, Cara Cara, grapefruit, and blood orange.

All of them are fresh-squeezed and contain no additives or preservatives. All you get is the freshest, sweetest juice, straight from the fruit to you.

Robert Seegmiller, Harmons director of fresh produce, says the idea to make fresh-squeezed juice came from watching the food trends, and the juice squeezing began when our City Creek store opened. Its success there meant we started introducing at other stores until August, 2020, when we took the plunge and introduced it to all the stores that weren’t already doing it.

 Robert says his guess is we squeeze around 2000 pounds of fresh fruit a day, and he gets the freshest by going to areas where the citrus crop is at the peak of the season.

 Robert’s personal favorite is the grapefruit juice, but he said the blood orange juice is a close second. 

Below we’ve provided some pictures that show the process we use. 

Ready to squeeze!
These pictures show the industrial juice squeezer we use in our stores. 

The real test to show just how fresh and delicious this juice is just one taste. It’s available on eShop, and also in-store. The orange juice is actually a favorite of our associates, and out of all the choices they have every day, if they want juice, they choose our fresh-squeezed. 

The juices are not only great straight, but make excellent mimosas and are great used in any recipe that calls for juice. In the video below, Chef Lesli Sommerdorf shares her orange and saffron cake, made with our fresh-squeezed orange juice. 

You can find the complete recipe under the video, along with another delicious recipe, scallops with blood orange sauce.